Website updated

Website updated

January 17, 2019 Off By admin has had a much overdue update!

Since the last update the railway has been keeping busy, running more trains per season than ever before, although we were hampered by the terrible weather of last summer!

The renovations at the Pinewoods Station have proved to be very benificial, especially during the bad weather, with a nice clean station surface (instead of the old mud pools!) and greatly improved station lighting for the night trains. You can see photos of the difference in the photos section of the website.

As well as the general ongoing maintanance, large amounts of the line have been re-laid as part of an ongoing update, using uprated sleepers, so a more comfortable ride is being developed!

Work has started on the re-building of Weasel to incorporate a Diesel Hydraulic drive system. This work is being carried out by Eric, Alisons father who helps us out on the railway. The work is taking place to create a more suitable back-up engine for Densil and Edmund.

The railway is due to open very soon, due to an early Easter, so final preperations have been taking place at the railway! Take a look at the Timetables section to find out when we will be running (please note that at busy periods a more frequent service will be operated – see station notice boards for latest information. All trains are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice)