he Wells Harbour Railway now has four engines, Edmund, Densil, Howard and Weasel.


Howard is an 0-6-0 Steam Outline engine, using a Perkins 3Cylinder Diesel engine, and a Lindey hydraulic drive.

Howard was built for the railway in 2005 by Alan Keef Ltd. of Ross-On-Wye, and was delivered on July 29th, to provide an alternative engine to Densil, as a backup and to take some of the pressure, and mileage, off Densil.

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Densil is an 0-6-0 Steam Outline engine, powered by a one litre, three cylinder Perkins Diesel engine, connected to a Lindey hydraulic drive.

Densil was built for the railway in 1998 by Alan Keef Ltd. of Ross-On-Wye, to accompany the rolling stock provided by them earlier the same year.

Densil is maintained mainly by Eric, and is driven by all the railways staff.

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Edmund Hannay, or “Eddie” is an 0-4-2 coal – fired steam engine. He was built in 1972 by David King, who is an engineer from Norfolk. He was originally built to travel around steam fairs, all around the country, so had to be small enough to transport easily. In 1976 Eddies’ owner set up the Wells Harbour Railway, where he has been working ever since.

Eddie had a new uprated boiler in 1997, made by Valentine Welding. Eddie is ran on Smokeless Anthracite coal.

Until 1998 Eddie was the railways principle engine, and although Densil now does more work, Eddie is still frequently used to haul trains.

Eddie is maintained and driven by Matt, and is constantly kept in peak condition!


Weasel is a 4 Wheel Drive Engine, powered by an Alfa Romeo petrol Engine. Weasel was built in 1980 as a back-up engine to Edmund, by David King.

Although now retired from public service, Weasel is still kept at the railway, and is currently being rebuilt by Eric.

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